Aikana - The first software solution to perform a comprehensive simulation and real-time optimization of the safety, material efficiency and life cycle cost efficiency of your BIM design.


Aikana - The first software platform to perform a comprehensive simulation and real-time optimization of the safety, material efficiency and life cycle cost efficiency of your BIM Design.

Leverage The Power of Material Efficiency Driven Building Design Our comprehensive software solution Aikana provides economic value today, as well as safety and sustainability for tomorrow. Benefitting from GREENbimlabs' comprehensive sustainability solution set, architects, contractors and building owners can stay competitive while going beyond their goals of sustainable design as well as meet quality, cost and efficiency targets.

Our Solutions for

  • automated real-time evaluation and reporting on the building design
  • design-support for a safe, fully recyclable and reversible, cost efficient building
  • optimisation of the materials re-utilisation potential and the monetary rest value of the materials and the building
  • drastic reduction of the life cycle costs for the building owner in the operation and disposition
  • verified, comprehensive material and product data
  • design option comparison
  • fully documented, reversible and cost efficient buildings
  • increase return on investment
  • close to 100% elimination of the risk potential due to material safety and toxicity
  • meet health and chemical requirements of buildings
  • positive monetary rest value of the building materials
  • up to 70% reduction of the maintenance and life cycle costs
  • visibility in the BIM-based design process from the early stages
  • target product placement and offer to architects corresponding to the specific, dynamic design requirements
  • direct communication channel from and to the architect
  • real-time feedback on demand-trends and search behavior for building materials in the design phase
  • BIM-content, BIM-ready product data

Start working with our system in your favourite BIM design tool

Aikana has strong integration with Revit, ArchiCAD, ALLPLAN and IFC - all the major design tools. You don't need to leave your design environment to use Aikana.

As your design evolves,
our system continuously evaluates

You can compare different design versions, visualize the results and make an informed design decision. You can identify design anomalies before they become problems.

Get a head start with sustainable design

You can use the extensive analysis report of the design to secure new projects and provide safe, sustainable and cost optimized buildings.

The building owners can achieve solid return on investment

buildings designed with our system can pay for themselves faster due to resource and operational efficiency.


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