About Us

GREENbimlabs GmbH is a research spinoff from RWTH Aachen with multiple prestigious awards. We are guided by the mission to develop the pioneering solutions, which will transform buildings from the largest consumer and critical resource waster into a safe contributor and protector of the resources for the future generations.

In GREENbimlabs we combine decades of experience in the construction industry and the software development with the knowledge and expertise, gained by more than 15 years of research and scientific work in the fields of resource efficiency, material circularity, cost efficiency and digital technologies for the building life cycle at some of the leading universities and research institutions in the world.

We see ourselves not only as the mediator between politics, building owners and developers, designers, building operators and users, material producers and recycling companies and aim to provide them with the knowledge and wisdom to understand each other, understand their building and meet decision, but also as the enabler, who provides them with the resources to act and impact.

Our Mission
To build a circular future for the next generation
Our Vision
To be a strong catalyst in creating a sustainable earth
Our Values
Excellence, innovation, social responsibility, diversity, sustainability
Our Strength
Research, industry experience, passion, strategic vision

GREENbimlabs remains in active and intensive collaboration with the RWTH Aachen university and numerous other leading science and research bodies worldwide. Through the role of our CEO, Dr. Stanimira Markova as the leader of the research group “Future technologies for the comprehensive building sustainability” at the faculty for architecture at the RWTH, we have not only access to the cutting edge knowledge, data and discoveries in international science and research, but are an active part and collaborator in it. Our goal is to provide pioneering technology, innovation and insights, backed by science and verified in cooperation with leading global industry players




CTO and co-founder

Advisory Board



Our Story

At GREENbimlabs, we are pushing for a sustainable change in the construction industry. The traditional approach of the building construction has an adverse impact on the future sustainability of the earth. Buildings are not designed and built for circularity. Earth’s natural resources are rapidly decreasing while buildings are responsible for the largest waste stream worldwide. That’s why GREENbimlabs are building a software solution that ensures the circular sustainability of buildings. The foundation of GREENbimlabs is from the extensive research at the some of the leading universities in Europe. In 2016, as researchers at RWTH Aachen, the GREENbimlabs founders received a start-up funding from the prestigious EXIST research transfer programme of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy (BMWi) and the EU. GREENbimlabs GmbH was founded as a spin-off from RWTH Aachen in 2018.